Summer Returns ~ July

Hello! It’s been a while! Well, not really. You’ve probably seen my story posts like every other day or so. … More

Return of Spring

Though, living alone seems tough at times I am blessed to have a wealth of good friends who care. Spring … More

Delightful December

Hello everyone! It’s been quite a while but I’ve been dreading writing this next post, just because I’m having too … More

Novel November

Finally, the chilly weather has arrived. The temperature at night is down to 8 degrees and the days are around … More

October travels

October is the season of the temperature and daylight change. It generally becomes a little cooler and darker, but it’s … More

September dayzzz

Greetings all!   I know It’s super late and I’m catching up a bit. Bare with me, it’s been a … More

August Adventures

BTW My WordPress account won’t let me upload any more photos! SO please check out my Facebook blog for pictures! … More

Fun in the Sun

June and July have been a blast! So much beach time and Matsuri festivals going on! It’s so hard to … More

Golden Days of May

Wow, I can”t believe May is over already.  It seems like just yesterday… because it was! HAHAHAHAhahaha, oh boy, sometimes, … More

March Madness

Hey everyone!  Im back with another blog post!  Im half a month behind, but… yea! March was a lot of … More

Fabulous February!!!

Hey guys!  So, I know you’ve been waiting, but man getting ones self to sit down and sort photos is … More

Change of pace

I guess I’m a little late for January’s post, so i’ll combine January and February for you guys! Well January … More

Okinawa Vacation

  This christmas, because I would be alone, I decided to go on a vacation!  Domestic flights can be fairly … More

Winter festivities!

Although Iki does not do anything special for christmas like other main land cities, the people on Iki like to host many parties! So this December I’ve done many things before I went on my winter vacation to Okinawa!

Settling into Autumn

  Hey! As Autumn struggles to take its hold on Iki, I find myself looking for ways to be both … More

Iki travels

  It’s been a while, and contrary to my endeavour to post weekly… yea not happening.  Man being a JET … More

The Big Move!

So, it’s been a while and I know it’s with great anticipation that you’ve awaited this post!  So Tada!  I’m … More

Intermission – Delay

Sometimes unfortunate things happen, and it’s not until after time has passed and feelings have calmed down that we can … More